Location of Evacuation Chairs (inside Cabinets)

All buildings on campus that house student programs have an evacuation chair, which has been placed inside a beige metal cabinet that has signage indicating it contains an emergency chair to assist persons with disabilities. Photographs of those building interiors with an evacuation chair/cabinet show the location of the cabinet’s placement.

Evacuation Chair Information & Instructions

Evacuation chairs that are located in buildings (with stairs) that either house student programs or have a regular occupant who has identified as having a mobility impairment. If you are a faculty or staff member with a mobility impairment and work in a building that does not have an evacuation chair, please contact the Disability Access Specialist at accessibility@berkeley.edu.

Step 1: Remove the evacuation chair from the wall.

Step 2: Open the chair like you would a lawn chair.

Step 3: Make sure that latches at the rear of the chair are secured. Useful suggestions for lifting.

Step 4: Secure the passenger in the chair with the seat belt.

Step 5: If necessary, secure the passenger’s limbs to chair with straps.

Step 6: When evacuating down stairs, make sure the passenger always faces up the stairs.

Step 7: When evacuating up stairs, again, make sure that passenger faces up the stairs.

Step 8: Lift front of chair and roll passenger out of the building and to safety.

Disabled Evacuation Training Video

In addition to the above photographs on how to use the evacuation chairs stored inside the evacuation chair cabinets, here is an online video (from the manufacturer) showing proper use of the evacuation chair for use when assisting a person with a mobility disability to evacuate a building during an emergency.